After racing a bike at National level for many years we finally out grew our trusty van, as well as this, we also run events at the shop that mean we have to transport a lot of road bikes around. The nature of road racing a bike means we have to carry a lot of spares, particularly tyres which take up a lot of room. We made the decision to switch to a trailer earlier in the year and set about finding a company who made decent gear.

Initially we looked at Trade Me and saw a few different companies; everything looked pretty ordinary until I came across the CB Transporters trailers. We were immediately impressed by the build quality and the trailers look amazing. I flicked the guys at CB an email requesting some more information and it really snowballed from there. The team were really easy to talk to and very forth coming with different build options and add ons. We were initially looking at the 3.6, but after seeing the 4m twin axle we were pretty much sold on it.

The main concern we had was that CB is in Te Awamutu and we are in Invercargill, here I was thinking that this is a problem, no worries, the guys drove the trailer down for me! Not only that, but because I wanted a certain layout of bikes inside the trailer that I couldnít really describe until I had bikes in there, they even waited till I had marked out the tie points etc and installed them at our shop. That is service. Now we can fit 3 road bikes and gear comfortably.

We have now got the trailer screen written and have recently made our first venture up the island to race. The trailer tows very very well behind our crewman, particularly well when it is loaded. It sits firm without wandering and you really donít realise it is there. One bonus I recently found with the trailer is that in very hot weather the trailer stays really cool. This really help in terms of storing tyres, fuel, food and drink as well as a nice area to sit when the weather is hot!

A huge thank you to the team at CB Transporters, they really made the whole process easy. We are really happy with the end product and have had some really good feedback from fellow racers and the general public who have seen it. I fully recommend them if you are serious about a trailer.


Jeremy Holmes

Southland Honda

Castrol Honda Superbike Team.

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