Food trailer design & build information sheet


This list of information is designed to give an idea of what issues we face in completing a top quality, fully functional build for our customers.


What we can do for you:

  • Firstly, we can build your food trailer to a fully finished and operational unit. Alternately, for example we can build just the shell with the 240 volt wiring installed. As much or as little as you require.
  • 99% of the builds we complete, we install customer supplied components. We can source certain items if required bearing in mind we will not skip on quality and this may reflect in a price on such an item.
  • We most commonly supply the following from our end: Gas califont, water tanks, fresh water plumbing, waste water plumbing, extraction fan and controller to suit supplied commercial range hood, electrical fit out and gas fit out.
  • All materials and workmanship are food grade. The panel the trailer shell is built out of is a food grade product in itself.


Working out what you require:

We have found the best way for our customer to determine a working floor plan is to draw it out 1:1 scale on a concrete floor with chalk. Draw in all benches/equipment and make sure the floor plan works for you. This will determine the trailer shell size. Once the plan works for you, get us a copy so we can quote the build to this plan. (A lot like building a house) note that the walls are 50mm thick and doors need to be positioned according to the wheel arches. Try to work to a 2.4m max width external measurements (2.3m internal) Internal height can be 2.0m-2.3m. Contact us if you are unsure about this.


Trailer size:

Remember trailer size = weight. We can set up your trailer on the following configurations: Single axle 1750Kg GVM, Tandem axle 2500Kg GVM or Tandem axle 3500Kg GVM. (GVM is Gross Vehicle Mass) We recommend letting us know the weight of all the equipment you intended on installing so we can make sure you trailer is built on the right GVM configuration. We know the approximate weight your required trailer shell size will weigh empty.


Cabinetry & benches

We can supply and fit full cabinetry by our cabinet maker. White-board cupboards, with Formica tops. This will need to be quoted to a drawing supplied by you the customer or from our cabinet maker working from your trailer dimensions.


  • Optional cabinetry fitted with stainless steel tops is available on request. This again is quoted to drawing dimensions by our stainless steel supplier.
  • We like installing BRAYCO stainless steel benches and sinks etc. A full list of sizes and styles can be found at . We require the customer to purchase what they require from Brayco and send it to us for instillation, thus cutting out the middle man.



  • Power requirements are determined by the total amount of wattage, the equipment you want to run, will draw. Note that we can put in a 16amp (max) feed to your trailer. This is the most common caravan plug style. For power requirements over 16amps we will need to upgrade the input and RCD(s) to 32amp. This is a larger style plug and may cause issues with the amount of places you can plug into.
  • All 240v electrical work is carried out by our certified electrician. The electrician runs the wires to where we have marked and drilled out your power point and lights from your supplied drawings. The fit off is completed by our electrician and then an additional inspector is called into inspect this work and issue an electrical WOF. These are valid for 4 years.
  • To make sure there are no power requirement issues for your trailer set up, we recommend sending a comprehensive list of 240volt equipment to us, for our electrician to check over.
  • Due to some electrical cooking equipment pushing up the electrical requirements of your trailer to the max or over 16 or 32 amps, we recommend installing gas (LPG) operated equipment.


Gas fitting:

The gas fitting is installed and completed by our registered gas fitter/plumber. The quoting of this gas fitting is a hard one to estimate and unfortunately an approximate estimate of the gas fitting job is all we can go by until the job is actually completed. Bear in mind we have completed a large number of these jobs and our estimates are usually right on.

In the past contributing factors to a blow out in the gas fitting budget has been gas equipment that has been supplied for us to install and not meeting NZ gas regulations. We recommend BLUE SEAL equipment or at best you contact us with a list of what you are looking to install so we can make sure there are no issues with certification.

Rules are constantly changing with the regards to gas fitting in caravans and trailers. One major change we have moved towards is mandatory commercial extractor range hoods above all gas equipment.


Requirements in a food trailer:

We can supply and fit the extractor fan and controller for you to suit your supplied range hood. The range hoods we have used in the past have been commercially made to the required size. Contact us for a list of suppliers. Stainless steel splash backs are also a mandatory requirement behind all gas burning equipment; this complements the commercial range hoods and obtains gas certification. The splash back is fitted with a minimum 40mm air gap behind. This allows for heat transfer through the stainless into the air gap and not into the walls. Small holes in the back of the range hood draw this air out from behind the splash back.


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